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Future Upgrade: The Synergy of Designer

6 六月, 2011


Future Upgrade: The Synergy of Designer

Date: June, 1st 2011

Location: Nangang Exhibition Hall 504R

Speaker: Ralph Wiegmann, Managing Director, If International Forum Design GmnH

Key notes: Business and Design Trends Hand in Hand


-Theme for now/the future:

1.      Demographics/universal design: Easy, Ergonomics.

2.      Energy efficiency and sustainability (It’s the biggest issue in the future.)

3.      Carbon footprint

4.      Complexity and usability: Even the most complicated tool, let it look approachable.

5.      Services Design: Design your service process.

-Age-group will disappear. Marketing always focus on “age”, and it have to change to style-group.

-It’s all about Experiences.

-Change is needed.

Speaker: Kris Verstockt, Executive Director, CRE8 DESIGN

Key notes: Non-linear Thinking


It’s not business as usual, we have seen that the financial markets, transportation structures and many other systems do not work properly. In the electronics industry, there is no more money to be saved from the bottom line and competition is fierce. Furthermore, customers are demanding from companies that they give more thank they take.

In his key note speech, Kris will explore how creative thinking and asking the right strategic questions will help organizations to stay ahead. How creative talent and incorporating the right resources will facilitate innovation. Why? We better stay innovative if we want to keep our margins!

Some minor misunderstanding:

Designer ≠Artist: Work in service of target group and develop for out audience.

Design ≠Serious

Do designers need to be immersed in Design? No. Designers need to be generalists with broad interests.

What is a good design? Think beyond what you get from simply asking.


-Be organized.

-Nurtured with patterns.

-Following precedent and linear thinking.

-Reality is not linear.

-Design a product is similar to science invention. ( Free-flow exploration)

-The best design resources are good at managing unexpected insight.

-Designer finds what your competitors don’t also already know.

-Align your business strategy and ask the right question.

-Your team should ask.

-Stuck (Most insight deals with improvements.)

Speaker: Peter Wirz, Managing Partner & Consulting Director, PROCESS BRAND EVOLUTION

Key notes: “The end of the Stupidity” New value, desires and needs for 2020


When we talk about the trend, usually refers to the decade.

1.      All about PROCESS and our Philosophy.

2.      Take a quick look 520 weeks back in the Year 2001 (Disasters, products, trends and successful brands)

3.      What about today 2011? (Globalization, Revolution in the Arab world, Finance Crises in the US and Europe, Social Networks.)

4.      Compare Taiwan & Switzerland (Facts)

5.      Let’s have a look 520 weeks forward into the year 2020 (Demographic changes, battle for talents, China and India, energy and mobility, daily life)

6.      Theses for 2020

-Those famous brands never change their logo.





-Patient is the only way to create brand.

-You should find/create the product DNA.

-Don’t be the boiling frog. (Dilemma)

-Designers always look forward the future. It’s nature.


Q&A的時候,有人問了Peter一個問題,嚴格來講應該是半個問題,他問: How do we persuade ….問到這裡Peter叫他坐下,他說我已經知道你要問什麼了,幾年來,在台灣不斷有人問他這個問題,就是如何說服老板做這些設計思考?老實說,他不知道怎麼回答,因為這牽扯到整個文化、營利模式等等,他不敢冀望這一代的經理人能做什麼改變,只能期待下一個generation。此時底下冒出了一句How sad…

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abit @ Youtube

21 十二月, 2007


My video job for ex-ex-company


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5 十一月, 2007




但是我的iPOD Suffle,唯一的一台,比一包青箭還薄的一片,





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